Bladder Pillow Tanks





Payment Terms

T/T, Western Union, Paypal

Packaging Details

Carton Box, Wooden Box, Woven Bag


PVC/TPU Material




Army Green, Black, White, Bule, Yellow, Customized

Product Overviews

Bladder Pillow Tanks produced by Fuushan is the perfect choice for all water storage occasions that require a lot of freshwaters.
Farmers, emergency units, disaster relief organizations, dangerous goods cleaning companies, wasteland firefighters support, FEMA-inspired household water storage, Rain Water collection systems, oil/mining, shipping (marine) and defense industry are currently using flexible water pillow tanks. We have built thousands of flexible water storage tanks using CE certified materials. All tanks are equipped with two 2 “filling/discharge internal thread flanges and air pressure valves.” These foldable pillow tanks are ideal for drinking water storage, with capacities ranging from 100L to 500000L.

Product Specification

Multiple Sizes of Bladder Pillow Tanks: 100 ltr to 500,000 ltr
The below table is some main sizes for reference. The size is absolutly customizable. Any requirements please discuss with us.
Type Volume Size Thickness G.W Packing size
FS-P02 200L 1.4*0.9m 0.7mm ~3kgs ~0.4*0.4*0.3m
FS-P05 500L 2*1.1m 0.7mm ~5kgs ~0.4*0.4*0.3m
FS-P1 1,000L 2.5*1.5m 0.7mm ~8kgs ~0.5*0.4*0.3m
FS-P2 2,000L 3*2m 0.7mm ~14kgs ~0.5*0.4*0.3m
FS-P3 3,000L 3.5*2.5m 0.8mm ~20kgs ~0.5*0.5*0.4m
FS-P4 4,000L 4*2.4m 0.8mm ~25kgs ~0.7*0.5*0.4m
FS-P5 5,000L 4.5*2.5m 0.9mm ~28kgs ~0.7*0.5*0.4m
FS-P8 8,000L 5*3m 0.9mm ~40kgs ~1.1*0.5*0.3m
FS-P10 10,000L 6*3m 1.0mm ~55kgs ~1.1*0.55*0.35m
FS-P15 15,000L 6*4.5m 1.0mm ~75kgs ~1.1*0.6*0.4m
FS-P20 20,000L 7*4.5m 1.0mm ~85kgs ~1.1*0.7*0.5m
FS-P25 25,000L 9*4.1m 1.0mm ~98kgs ~1.1*0.7*0.6m
FS-P30 30,000L 7.5*7m 1.0mm ~140kgs ~1.3*0.7*0.6m
FS-P40 40,000L 9*7.5m 1.2mm ~210kgs ~1.3*0.8*0.7m
FS-P50 50,000L 10*8m 1.2mm ~256kgs ~1.3*0.9*0.8m
FS-P100 100,000L 14*10m 1.2mm ~460kgs ~1.6*0.9*85cm
FS-P150 150,000L 15*12m 1.2mm ~570kgs ~1.6*1*0.9m
FS-P200 200,000L 16*14m 1.2mm ~710kgs ~1.6*1.2*0.9m
FS-P500 500,000L 25*20m 1.5mm ~1800kgs ~2.5*1.8*1.5m

Product Feature

  • Designed to accommodate drinking water and non-drinking water. 
  • Heavy military / industrial flexible fabric tank. 
  • Foldable and portable. 
  • Provide custom sizes. 
  • Provide custom valve components. 
  • Deploy quickly and easily.
  • Standard color-arm green, other colors to choose

Product Application

– Home use; For drinking water, rain water, grey water, garden water, pool solution etc.
– Daily life use; For camping, car, yacht etc.
– Agriculture use; For irrigation, remote area water storage
– Government use; For military, fire-fighting, public place, emergency rescue rapid development
– Industrial use; For production, construction site, seawater reverse osmosis systems
And for any other place that require liquid storage.

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