Gas Storage Bag





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Packaging Details

Carton Box, Wooden Box, Woven Bag


PVC Heavey Duty Material, TPU Material




Army Green, Black, White, Bule, Yellow

Product Description

Gas Storage Bag made of PVC synthetic fabric, it can store methane, oxygen, carbon dioxide and other inert gases.
The bag will be expanded by filling with gas, When the gas pressure of sealing gasbag reach formula requirement, the inflatable bag, and pvc pipe plug will fill in the whole pipeline section and blocks the leaking because of the friction, thus achieved the goal without filling water in the pipe.

Product Parameter

Product type:Gas Storage Bag

Material Liner:

PVC coated fabrics.

PVC coated fabrics are coated fabrics made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as a coating agent. Polyvinyl chloride is a homopolymer of vinyl chloride and has excellent overall properties. When the content of plasticizer is high, it exhibits high elongation, softness, good hand feeling and wears resistance; the raw material is easy to obtain and has flame retardancy, and the coated fabric is rich in hand, elastic and wear-resistant. Good weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, excellent shielding and good insulation.

FittingsIn order to meet customer’s pipe on usage, we provide 1inch, 1.5inch, 2inch, 2.5inch, 3inch for choice.
Advantage– Decay resistance
– Good expansibility and tightness
– Foldable and lightweight
Scope of applicationmethane, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other inert gases.
The fabric gram weight900g/m2 – 1800g/m2 (0.7mm – 1.5mm)
ColorYellow, Army Green, Blue, White, Black, Dark Green, etc. on optional
TechnologyHot wind welding/Double welding
MOQ5 units
Warranty12 months


Product Features

• Economical and durable, low price, low investment, quick effect: equipment anti-freeze (-25 ° C), anti-exposure (50 ° C), lightning protection, anti-seismic, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, no leakage, installed in fully enclosed, It can be used continuously for 8-12 years without any artificial or external damage.
• Lightweight, foldable, small packing size, convenient to transport and carry, can be installed and moved at will;
• The method of use is simple and quick;
• 100% safe; made of plastic material, able to withstand gas pressure above 10KPa;
• UV-resistance, acid-resistant, 0 leakages,anti-corrosion, not affected by the environment and climate.

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