5000L Onion Tank Flexible Water Reservoir for Thailand Customer

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The detailed information of 5000L onion water tank as below, for more customer reference. 

Dimension: 2.3*1.3*1.8m,

(Ps: top diameter is 1.3m; bottom diameter is 2.3m; height is 1.8m. Moreover, 1.8m is straight height, because it onion-shaped, the water injection height is about 1.5m. )

Material: 0.9mm PVC coated fabric
Gross weight: ~28kgs. 
Packing size:~80*50*40cm

A veido from customer feedback

This tank with big capacity, but very easy to be carried and can be used anywhere. 

Meanwhile, due to its unique onion shape and floating collar make the tank is self-supporting and without any frame support, and need not any assemble, just open it, adding water, then start to work. 

The mainly capacity is 200L to 50,000L, any other size requirements, please feel free to contact us. 

If you are interesting on our 5000L Onion Tank , please click folloing product to get more detail.


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