500L Portable Water Tank for Canada Customer

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500L Portable Water Tank

500L Portable Water Tank buy from Canada customer, he wants to water tank for drinking water storage, so we suggested with him our potable water tank. 500L size is 2*1.1m which can put anywhere, such as backyard, car, boat, etc., the cost performance is very high.

There are so many customers who do not know too much what is the difference between a common water storage tank and a potable water storage tank. So we would like to share more here, hope it is useful for you.

Common water storage tanks mainly use for store rainwater, irrigation water, daily use water, fire fighting water, gray water, animal drink water……

500L Portable Water Tank specialized use for store drink water. Our bladder made up with polyether TPU, and FDA approved food-grade, and 100% safe. Due to the high requirements for raw materials, the price will be more expensive than the common water storage tank.

If our flexible water tank also can help you solve the water shortage problem, bring convenience for your life, save water resources, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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